John and Mary couldn't do enough for their beloved pet ... he meant so much to them. They loved the way he greeted them each morning with his excited tail wagging. The soft face with those beautiful eyes ... when he wanted something and the endless love and loyality he showed on a daily basis. They enquired about getting a portrait done once but sadly they let it slip by and sadder still their beloved family pet also slipped away. Now they only have some poor quality photos and lots of regrets.


  Don't end up like John and Mary. Don't leave it too late and end up with regrets of your own. Act now.


I'll paint a portrait in oils on canvas at absolutely no cost to you. I'll email a picture of the finished portrait to you for your approval. Then, and only then, and only if you would like to have the painting, will you be asked to make a modest investment. If, for whatever the reason, you don't want to have your portrait, no problem. No questions asked. Promise.

  So let's get the ball rolling, please get in touch through the email form below. I can't wait to see your family pet.

" Don't wait until it's too late ... ACT NOW "

An Original, Oil on Canvas Portrait

of Your Beloved Family Pet, Painted just for You



Your Pet ... My Passion



                                                                        ... let me take you there.

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