Dear Pet Lover,


We had a dog "live" with us when we were growing up.


His name was "Kim" and he wasn't even our dog. He belonged to a family that lived near us. And every morning , come rain or shine, there he was waiting on me to start the day's adventure. I guess he just wanted a friend he could go places with and just kind of hang out, you know. He was a Lab mix, all black ... That's all I ever really knew about him if I'm being honest.

You see, that kind of stuff didn't really matter to a teenager, like me. I just looked on him as "my dog". Boy, could he play football ... you want to see him dribble with the ball ... at speed, I might add. He was well trained, but I can't take any credit for that. He was just so well behaved. I loved that dog to bits ... he was almost human to me.

When he died [ old age ] I was devasted. It's a long time ago now, but every now and then He comes back into my mind but sadly, I can't picture him very well now ... I still miss him to this day and I hope sometime in the future,somewhere I'll get to see him again. I only remember of one photo I saw of him but again sadly it no longer exists. Please don't let this happen to you.

You have the chance here to make sure that it won't happen to you by having your family pet immortalised on canvas, fully framed and ready to hang.

It's said that animal lovers are a special breed of human, and I happen to agree [ I now have a 3 year old Collie -mix rescue dog called "Scamp".] Pets make our lives whole and they say that they leave paw prints on our hearts forever ...fact.

Friend, companion, defender, faithful, loyal, warns of danger [ even the postman ], keeps your secrets, is patient with your mood swings, cute and funny and as if that wasn't enough ... it is believed that caring for a pet can add years to your life-expectancy. WOW ! Now that's a lot of giving by your wee friend, isn't it ?


My offer to you


    An original, 10" x 12" oil on canvas portrait of your Pet, fully framed [ 15" x 17" ] and ready to hang is what I'm offering to you.

Let me paint a portrait of your wee friend and companion at absolutely no cost to you . When the portrait is completed it will be email to you for your approval. Only then, and only if you wish to keep your pet portrait will you be asked to invest with a modest fee.

  Now, that's a 100% RISK FREE offer you just can't afford to turn down. This is how it works and it couldn't be  

email to me some good quality photos of your Pet. Please do not use a flash. I'll check them and try to select what I believe

to be the best option for a portrait. And we can do it as many times as it takes to get that perfect composition.


Head and shoulders shots usually work out best. Be sure to have at least one eye clearly visible, as eyes are the essence

of your Pets spirit. When the selection is made, it will be emailed to you for your approval. When you approve it, I'll then

start your portrait. When the portrait is completed it will be emailed to you for your approval once again. If you wish to keep

your portrait, you'll receive an email at the agreed delivery time with the fee payable and the payment methods to complete

your purchase before shipping. If, for whatever the reason, you wish to decline this problem and it will cost you

absolutely nothing 100% Guaranteed. That's a WIN WIN situation for you. Do it now, simply  send me an email with your details and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


[email protected]


What will my investment be ?


An original, oil on canvas painting, fully framed and ready to hang, of this quality could easily attract a fee of €380 or more,

especially given my unique offer to you.

But I realise that would be a stretch for a lot of people and so for that reason you can now reserve your pet portrait for the

modest investment of just €180 plus registered post and package. That equates to just less than €3.50 a week over a year.

Go on, check above again at the amount of giving your Pet gives to you in a year. Show YOUR pet some Love.



Is your Pet worth a mere €3.50 a week to you ?



Make it the next thing you do and get some great photos of your beloved pet and email them to me now. You will be

delighted that you took me up on this great offer. And boy, will your friends be impressed, not to mention a little envious.






P.S. So, there you have it...a fantastic offer just for you and quite frankly you'd be mad to turn it down. And you are already a

"winner" in my eyes, simply for taking care of an animal.

So do it now, simply pop your details in an email to me and let's put that smile back on your face, what do ya say ?

You'll be the proud owner of your very own original, oil on canvas Portrait of your beloved family Pet and friend.

So, relax, put your feet up, have a glass of wine and let me do all the work and you can get on with the other important

things in your life.






















Your Pet...My Passion

Don't wait until it's too late ... act now.